LGBTQ Center

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

We aim to catalyze institutional and cultural changes that affirm and center the needs of LGBTQ+ communities, and promote an environment of radical inclusivity through an intersectional and social justice framework. Our vision is be a Center for collective liberation by creating space for intersectional communities and critical discourse.

The LGBTQ Center works to create and maintain an open, safe, and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students, faculty and staff, their families and friends, and the campus community at large.

We recognize that sexual orientation and gender identity and expression work through and are influenced by race, ethnicity, gender, culture, age, disability, class, faith and other social characteristics. In keeping with the ideals of Brown University we commit to justice, equality, and respect for all persons in all of our endeavors.

Campus Life Engagement Team

As part of the Campus Life Engagement Team, the LGBTQ Center provides a comprehensive range of education/training, cultural, social and educational programming, support services and advocacy services to the entire Brown Community.

Partners include: